Lake Quilotoa

Lake Quilotoa is a crater filled lake, formed about 800 years ago when the volcano erupted and collapsed in on itself.  It is the northern-most of Equador’s Andean volcanoes, and filled with minerals, giving it its beautiful color.  You can hike around the rim, about a 6-7 hour hike, or down to the bottom, which is about 3 hours.  There’s camping and boats, and a small town of the same name with nothing more than a hostal or two and very small basic indigenous family homes.  Not yet a well known site, you get most of this town and place to yourself and the locals.  One word………surreal.

Lake Quilatoa from the rim
indigenous children on a field trip
Young local girls in velvet skirts, high stockings, and heels…..hiking.  amazing
Hanging  around the stove with the family

One thought on “Lake Quilotoa

  1. Hello! i can't believe i found your blog. I am from Quito, but i have been living in Kansas City since 2005. I have been in Quilotoa a couple of times, I camped there for 4-5 days with highschool classmates a long time ago, i was a great time. It is such a beautiful place as every centimeter of land in my beautiful Ecuador (You can probably tell that i miss it). Cool blog and wonderful pictures, looks like you are discovering and living so much. Good luck with your travels!

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