disfrutando los ultimos dias del Ecuador

Welp, counting down my last days here in Ecuador.  I have about 3 weeks or so of teaching left here in Quito, then I am getting things all organized so that I can take off to Colombia for a short trip (about 2-3 weeks).  After that its back here then a wandering hitchhiking trip through Ecuador, Peru, and Chile.  I will ultimately end up in Santiago, Chile where I will look for new teaching opportunities.   More on that move later.  For now, here are some of my final amazing sights from Quito!
Stovetop in my home in Guapulo….the most beautiful and oldest barrio in Quito
only problem with Guapulo is that its not the easiest to get out of………hence hitching rides pretty much daily
mmmmm llapinachos
awesome food market in a town called Lataguna.  its great because its huge and as of yet undiscovered by ANY tourists.  Me encanta
every or any part of the pig
delicious legumbres
hungry baby munchin
the hostel/home of the indengous family who knows me fairly well by now.  it isnt very common to return to the very very small and isolated town of Quilatoa twice
and………..i’m back for more of the beautiful Lago
young indegenous children herding sheep on the hills of an extinct volcano lake.  every thing i suppose
we hiked around the rim (6 hour hike) this time instead of going down to the water.  breathtaking
dinner of flaming tuna and beer in our freezing cabin.  oh and a bouquet of sorts as well 🙂
i love love love his look

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