Volcán Cotopaxi

Volcán Cotopaxi

Last thing to check off my list for things to do in Andean Ecuador: camping in Parque Nacional Cotopaxi.  Cotopaxi is the 2nd highest active volcano in South America.  It is covered in snow and breathtaking.  The total trip cost me $4.75….camped and hitched rides in.  Absolutely no one was there, and it felt like a surreal dream world with the volcano, wild horses, lakes, rolling clouds, the empty spaces…..hard to describe but maybe some pictures will help.  enjoy family and friends, because I know I sure did. 

Our picnic of avocado and chifles.  and rum?

morning clouds rolling.  freezing but beautiful
waiting out the rain in our surprisingly warm tent…i bought it primarily for the beach, so the fact that it survived the wind and rain at the base of the 2nd highest altitude volcano in South America, gives me confidence!
wild horses
high iron content spring near the lake (i think)
lake and volcano
hitching home

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