California Coast: Roadtrip Number Two

This Time Solo

Highway 1, Big Sur, California

This summer has been the summer of roadtrips.  How this came to be is a bit non-sequential and unexpected, like most of my life “decisions”.

At the beginning of this year, I would be sitting at my desk at work in Startuplandia (SoMA San Francisco), and daydream about getting out on the road.  I’d stare at Google Maps and National Park websites and put together all different combinations of routes and stops.  There were a couple hinderances at that time though, stalling these thoughts as just a mid-workweek fantasy.  Such roadblocks (get it???) included that I worked full time and so do all of my friends, I sold my car before moving to the city, and I’d never done a true American roadtrip on my own.  Having camped a lot back in Arizona, enjoyed Thanksgiving jaunts to Big Sur, and hitched around South America with a friend, I felt I had some relevant experience to backup my daydreams.

Well, soon enough my opportunity came.  This has happened to me often, where thoughts that had crept in a few months prior become realities later.  This time, it started with my becoming restless in June and asking for some time off from my job.  Wish granted, I sublet my room and my apartment in San Francisco and came back to my family in Arizona.  After spending time with my dad and my family, I came to realize going back to San Francisco was not in the cards for me.  So………….

Here we are.  2013 has offered me three opportunities to jump on the road, my prior hinderances melting away.  I was now free of commitment, my dad has given me his little Tacoma truck, and I am feeling pumped to try new things and meet new people.  Below is the route and journey of Roadtrip Number Two (Roadtrip Number One was longer and will need a bigger post, so therefore will come later 🙂 )

The Route/The Plan:

Phoenix to San Francisco Route

Things to consider:

  • How long do you want to drive each day?  Some days, I don’t mind just driving all day, but other days I want the freedom to get out of the car and look around on a whim.
  • Where will you stay each night?  I chose my destinations because I had places to stay in each.  Two of the cities had friends there and one I found a couchsurfer willing to take me in for the night (you know how much I love couchsurfing!!)
  • Will you be making stops along the drive or just drive straight through?
  • What are the average temperatures?  If you are camping, hiking, galavanting, partying, or just walking around, you will need to know this.

Really, all that is required is mental flexibility and willingness to get out there.  Feel free to message me for more advice on how to do such a trip.  Going solo is a whole different idea than doing a group roadtrip.  There are lots of resources out there for those striking out on their own, especially if you want to be social and meet people.  You will find that the open road can bring quite a wonderful and unexpected world.

Below find the highlights of this Solo Summer Roadtrip Numero Dos.

Prescott, Arizona

Sunset Point Vista, Prescott, ArizonaMingus Mountain, Prescott, Arizona

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree, California IMG_0708Joshua Tree, California

San Diego, California

San Diego, California, La Jolla Cove San Diego, California, La Jolla Cove

Roadside Highway 1

Highway 1, CaliforniaHighway 1, Elephant Seal Rest Stop, California

Highway 1, CaliforniaHighway 1, Big Sur, California

Morro Bay, California

Morro Bay, California

Monterrey, California

IMG_0797 IMG_0824Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CAFort Baker, San Francisco, CaliforniaDolores Park View, San Francisco, California America's Cup Pavilion, San Francisco, CA

14 Hour Drive Back to Arizona

IMG_0928 IMG_0931

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