Barcelona: My Soul Sister


I am en route to Africa, and looking at flights, and it hits again…….the travel bug.  It plants itself firmly in mind, looking at the map and my flight to Uganda, and sees the endless stops that can be made in between.  Morocco?  Turkey?  Italy?  Israel?  Then I see it…….that sparkling land that has been beckoning me since my first dreams of traveling abroad as a teenager.  SPAIN.

I am lucky to have met a delightful German documentary filmmaker (who also happens to be an absolute blast) while living in Hawaii, and upon her leave emphasized again how much I would love Barcelona and to come visit.  Well, the lovely part about having friends who offer such tempting offers, is that you can act on them!

So off I flew from Phoenix to Barcelona, where I spent a week with her and her lovely friends.  We talked and talked and drank and drank and laughed and laughed and danced and then talked some more.  Four in the morning was the usual bedtime.  One in the afternoon the usually rising time.



The beach, the people, the vibe, the beauty, the culture, the food, the weather.

The best compliment I can give my lovely Barcelona is that I left planning my extended return.  I WILL be back, for a month (or eight?), and you can toast to that Barcelona!



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