Living Out of My 4WD in Hawaii

IMG_2407.jpgThe Big Island of Hawaii is hands down, the best of the Hawaiian Islands.

Snow topped mountains, the ‘Valley of Eden’ that is Waipio Valley, fresh caught tropical fish by nomad-living locals, and a true, deep respect for the land and the power of an active volcano that dictates life here.

And the best way to see it, is living out of a 4Runner.  Which is exactly what I did this summer.  Please, just look below…………..(and I bet you’ll be doing the same soon).


IMG_2347.jpg IMG_2614 IMG_2625IMG_2951 IMG_2626 IMG_2645 IMG_2649.jpgIMG_2957 IMG_2810 IMG_2881 IMG_2903 IMG_2911 IMG_2924 IMG_2985 IMG_3082 IMG_3136.jpg IMG_3311

IMG_3018 IMG_3155 IMG_3202 IMG_3272

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