Lake Atitlan


One lake. Two weeks. Three volcanoes.

Lake Atitlan is a place I will recommend to anyone, always. A land of eternal spring, traditions and language of another time, and the living energy of both the surrounding villages and volcanoes……a visit here is, to use a cliche, something from a dream.

Guatemala in general is my favorite country (a bold statement, I know)–I say this even though I honestly have enjoyed everywhere I have been these last few years, for every place, every country, every neighborhood and every culture, is something unique and strange and beautiful unto itself. However, Guatemala stands out as a colorful, calming place unlike any other. I felt immediately that I would come back, and also as if I had already been here. See for yourself from the photos (of which I did not take many, as I was too busy absorbing the smells and sounds and colors of this incredible world)…..but also go see it for yourself rather than through these pictures. It is truly meant to be experienced rather than read about from afar.