The Sort-of Story

Welp, for starters, I don’t quite fit in anywhere, for which I can blame my dad. Thankfully, there was also my mother, so I kinda sorta fit in everywhere. And that has allowed me to be…..well, me.

Rainey TravelsThere is not a big story for an About Me, at least not one I will share here. Instead there is a sort-of story… of someone who didn’t know what “it” was, until I just got out there. There was no one moment in which I quit a boring desk job and set out into the free world to discover myself, but what I did do is slowly emerge and discover what I need out of life, and perhaps more importantly, what I don’t need.

This little life journey has found me working 9-5ers in big cities, teaching English in foreign countries, living on farms on tropical islands, and roadtrippin’ with my little dog around the United States.

I have found what I am passionate about in this life, and am attempting to move forward in a way that feels both in line with my natural self and with the natural world; a way in which I can live and travel so that it helps our earth and its peoples. I am, among other things: an ever-learning gardener, a mild-mannered activist, a daughter, a sister, a language lover, a well below average ukelele player, an ex-sorority girl, a human enthusiast, a wine drinker, a photographer, a plastic-free living pursuer, a weird rescued dog owner, a tree planter, and a friend.

And each day, each trip, each new country and each new person continues this path. Each is a chance to start the process all over again.

And for those of you out there who are still searching, know that it is beautiful. Hopefully, you will always be searching. I believe it is invigorating and real when we don’t know where we belong, but we enjoy trying to find out. Lean into the unknown, the scary, the unstable, because it is in that space where we feel truly alive.

So, has this satisfied as an about me? Probably not. Hey, can I blame my dad again?

“I don’t want comfort

I want God

I want poetry

I want real danger

I want freedom

I want goodness

I want sin”


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Twitter: @raineytravels


One thought on “The Sort-of Story

  1. Sometimes I read your blog, my only way to keep in touch with your life. It’s amazing all that you are doing and a delight to read, keep it up! 😉

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